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Save with an empty leg flight to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Reduce the cost of private jet travel by up to 50 percent or more with an empty leg flight from Fort Lauderdale Air Charter! South Florida is major hub for luxury and business aviation, with hundreds of charter planes arriving and departing daily, and creating opportunities to rent a private jet at a fraction of the cost.

empty leg deals in fort lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Air Charter is based in Tamarac, just minutes from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). We offer instant access to a global fleet of more than 10,000 private jets, turboprops, and airliners. Hundreds of these planes are based at South Florida airports from Palm Beach to Dade County, with exclusive hometown rates and discounts you won’t find anywhere else.

We can connect you with an empty leg to Fort Lauderdale, or a transient jet or turboprop returning to the Caribbean, across the Atlantic, or to Latin America. Enjoy the best private flight deals with an empty leg from Fort Lauderdale Air Charter. Call us 24 hours a day at +1-888-987-5387 and learn how you can save big on the cost of private jet charters!

How are they made?

Private charter planes available are typically owned by wealthy individuals who have their aircraft managed by an operator. When not utilizing their own plane, operators will market flights around the owner’s scheduled usage. As trips are booked, gaps are created in the schedule where the aircraft is in one place, but needs to be in another.

For example: one-way charter flights are an increasingly popular way for executives, HNWI’s, and VIP’s to travel on-demand. Let’s say a one way flight is booked from South Florida to New York. Most one-ways flights include some or all of the return or re-positioning legs in the price, since the trip will terminate away from its home airport.

What happens if the same aircraft is scheduled to depart from Ft. Lauderdale for another upcoming flight? What if the plane’s owner decides he wants to use it to fly to the Caribbean this weekend? Now the plane and flight crew must return to Florida, and these re-positioning flights aren’t scheduled to carry any passengers on board.

That’s how empty legs become available. Also known as Deadhead Legs, they’re sold at a substantial discount since, and available for travelers who know where to look. Finding a transient plane to match your routing can be difficult and time-consuming, with new deals every day as flights are booked to/from Fort Lauderdale. It’s also important to have visibility across the entire charter market to compare rates and find the best deals.

Find an empty leg in Fort Lauderdale, FL

What does it take to find the best empty leg deals in Fort Lauderdale for your private flights? All it takes to cut the cost of private air travel is a phone call or email to Fort Lauderdale Air Charter!

Our company enjoys access every transient plane in South Florida, across the country, and around the world for domestic & international flights. Provide us with your flight’s dates, times, and destinations, and our brokers will search for planes available for your flight wherever you’re located, looking for empty leg specials offer amazing deals.

We’ll connect you to empty legs at Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL), business jets at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), and deadhead jets at airports in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, or Opa Locka.

Since empty leg specials come and go frequently, the more flexible you are, the more options are available when trying to find a deal. Even if one doesn’t match your flight, we always offer competitive rates and the highest levels of safety & service for air charters in South Florida!

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Located in Fort Lauderdale, we offer 24/7 jet charter services no matter where you’re flying to/from. Receiving a quote for private flights to/from Ft. Lauderdale is free, so don’t miss out on your chance to save on the cost of private jet charters! Call or email us for more details on empty legs to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL!